Sunday, April 15, 2012

A trio of cemetery photos

On this quiet Sunday evening, here are three photos I've taken at old cemeteries, which my wife and I love to explore.

There first two were taken at Oak Hill Cemetery, located on a hillside in southwestern Vermont, earlier this year.

And this photo was taken at Phoenix Cemetery in Gaines Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, in May 2010.

Some of my other amateur photography


  1. Chris--please visit the tiny cemetery on Alpine Rd., about a mile or two off rt. 177. It's on the right side of Alpine going towards Dover, sets back a few feet from the road and is easy to miss. It is treed, has a stone wall a few feet high and a little wooden gate. I've stopped a few times but it looks snaky so I won't go in. If you dare, see if any names can be seen on the stones. Jo

  2. Jo: Sold! We'll try to get there in the near future. Maybe I'll step it up a little and try to get there during the Magic Hour: