Sunday, June 4, 2023

Postcrossing card from Japan with Noboru Baba art

One of my recent Postcrossing arrivals was this postcard from Ayumi, who works at a library in Saitama, Japan, and likes Moomins, lighthouses, quokkas and the tulip fields of the Netherlands.

The illustration is from a book by writer/illustrator Noboru Baba (1927–2001). He was an award-winner whose children's books include (these are the English translations): Mountain Man of Fox Wood, Eleven Hungry Cats, Eleven Cats and Albatrosses, Eleven Cats Run the Marathon, Māsuke the Bear and It Is Time for a Catnap. Of these, Eleven Hungry Cats is probably the most lastingly beloved; there are multiple online reviewers writing about how it was their favorite childhood book, or their own child's favorite book 

We have far more than eleven cats. Here are some of them napping. Maybe I should write a book about them.