Saturday, May 11, 2024

From the readers: Louie Youngkeit, Sunny Wicka, Paul Crockett & more

Today is, according to the internet, World Migratory Bird Day, Archery Day, Hostess CupCake Day, National Windmill Day and Twilight Zone Day (though no one seems to know why May 11 was picked for that last one).

Here on Papergreat, it's a day to share comments from readers. 

Saturday's postcard: Whale at Moon Valley Park in Milford, Pa.: Anonymous writes: "My family vacationed several times at Moon Valley Park in the 1970s and early 1980s. It was a wonderful place for children. I loved the 2 bears and the beagle pups that they sold. The Canouses were a wonderful family. Loved walking up to see the 2 waterfalls. We were
very sad when we heard the property had been sold. Our last visit was in the 'Bambi' cabin was in the early 1980s."

Morris didn't fare much worse than Louie Youngkeit: Anonymous writes: "I knew Louie Youngkeit. He was the kindest, most gentle person you'll ever meet. Eccentric yes, but a loving, sincere person. Rest in peace Louie."

1973's "Garage Sale Shopper":  Anonymous writes about author Sunny Wicka: "Beautiful Lady, watched her on To Tell the Truth." [Wicka appeared on the show during the 1973-74 season.]

1909 Christmas postcard mailed from Auburn, New York: Anonymous writes: "Just dropping by to say your blog is delightful and I really enjoy digging through the obscure knowledge you post. Thank you for your hard work!"

Your future partner, as "determined" by a 1940s vending machine: Anonymous writes: "This post has inspired me to look for these cards on eBay. I plan to shuffle them and let people pick a random card to tell their romantic fortunes."

Vintage Christmas card from Hawthorne-Sommerfield: Anonymous writes: "Thank you for this history and sample. I have a beautiful card from 1976 which I cherish."

Story time: The Bizarre Mysteries of Deep Creek Lake: Two spine-chilling comments on this:

In late February, Anonymous wrote: "We had a few weird experiences at our rental in Deep Creek Lake this weekend. It was kinda spooky."

In late March, Anonymous replied: "Where were you staying? We had a very scary repeating heavy footsteps at a certain condo on the lake."

Plenty of projects in Pack-o-Fun: Anonymous writes: "I had a subscription in the 1960s for my children. A shame it is no longer published. We had great fun with it."

[Of course, it's pretty easy to buy back issues, and the craft projects are timeless!]

Delving into Henry K. Wampole & Company: Anonymous writes: "I have a clear blown medicine bottle 7 to 8 inches tall embossed Henry K. Wampole Philadelphia PA. Curious of its worth."

[I'd check with an expert on antique bottlers, which I am not. Much may depend on some other specifics about the item's date and condition. Just glancing at eBay, it seems like some are being listed for up to $25, but, again, an expert would know best.]

The Lost Corners of Paul Crockett: Chris Harris writes: "Much has been said in a negative way about Paul Crockett. I witnessed over a period of two years having introduced him to many notable people that Paul Crockett had a tremendous ability to inspire a positive attitude in all the people he met, including myself." 

Illustrated map of "Desert of Maine": Anonymous writes: "My late husband and I were there in May of 2001. We took a ride on a trailer with a top on it, and had seats to sit down and a tractor pulled it. It was so much fun, we walked all over the place, and found gems in the sand. They said they were naturally there. It was hot that day, and there was a thermometer there in the desert. Can't remember the temp, but it was up there. Saw the old barn, with the old tools, and we both loved it. I remember it like it was yesterday. It's been almost 23 years now. I lost my wonderful husband to cancer, but at least we got to go there once. I'm still here from southern Ohio, we loved it there."

Thank you so much for sharing this memory. I'm glad it's a good one and that it's so vivid. I'm very sorry to hear about your husband's passing.

Cheerful Card Company can help you earn extra money for the holidays: Anonymous writes: "My mom worked there for a very short time in White Plains, NY. It was down the street from our apartment. I remember advertisements in the back of magazines to sell the cards door to door."

Even these Robin Jacques creations are hooked on books and reading: Finally, Katherine Swart writes: "Oh wow, this blog post is from 10 years ago. I loved Ruth Manning-Sanders books as a child, and especially the incredible illustrations. I remember this one very well! Wish I'd kept my A Book of Devils and Demons, and all the others. But my own child never loved the books as I did, mysteriously."