Saturday, February 23, 2019

Saturday's postcard: "Sweet as the love-light tender"

This postcard was mailed in January 1917 to Ellen Hake of Hellem [sic], Pennsylvania. It's the second postcard to Hake that's been featured here; the first was in 2017. It's the same postcard-writer as that card, too. Under the address there's a note that states: "care of Nathan Howard."

The front of the card features a woman in a purple dress who is attempting to shield herself from some mansplaining or, worse, from some creepy harassment. The look on her face seems to be, "OK, I just need to ride this out." That's my 21st century interpretation, anyway, and I'm sticking by it.

The big type states "My Wish" and the little verse goes like this:

Sweetheart there is splendour
In all the magic skies
Sweet as the love-light tender
That dwells in your dear eyes.

Google tells me that this is the first time this love poem is appearing on the internet, and for that I apologize.

No postcard publisher is named on the back of the card. The note, in pencil and cursive, says this:
Dear mother I will write you a few lines [?] to let you know that I am well Dear mother I got your card and was glad to hear from you I am [?] to be home of [?] Sunday if it is nice. From Mabel Smith.
The inclusion of two short Dear Mother notes on one postcard is nearly identical to Mabel's other postcard to Ellen. I'm not sure Mabel understood how postcards worked. Also, this romantic theme is an odd postcard to send to Mom, no?