Saturday, August 5, 2023

Some tasty cookie recipes from Joanne van Roden

This staplebound booklet of cookie recipes was written by Joanne van Roden (1929-2020) and published by Wellspring of Hellam, Pennsylvania. (I'm not sure whether that's Hellam Township or Hallam Borough, both of which are in York County.) The text is copyright 1981, but this might be a later printing.

This copy clearly got a lot of use, as its cover has the characteristic drips and drops of ingredients that come from being set out on the counter for reference during baking.

Wellspring is still around and specializes in little gifts like notebooks, card cases, journals and puzzles. On its LinkedIn page, it details the early days of the company:

"In 1980, Joanne van Roden wrote her first cookbook, Favorite Seafood Recipes. With her husband, Al, she loaded their station wagon with books and hit the road, calling on gift shops up and down the east coast. The original 'warehouse' was a small barn on the van Roden's farm in Pennsylvania. Joanne wrote the books and Al wrote the orders. When there was an order to ship, Joanne would put a red potted geranium in the barn window to signal the delivery truck to stop and pick up."

(Some of those minor details don't fully mesh with Joanne's published obituary; I'm not sure which of the two is more accurate, and I'm sure they're both essentially correct.)

In addition to Cookies and Favorite Seafood Recipes, cookbooks that she authored or co-authored included Shellfish Recipes of the Shore, Salads for All Occasions, Favorite Seafood Recipes of the Eastern Shore, Favorite Seafood Recipes of the New Jersey Shore, Herb Recipes, Stir-Fry Recipes, Easy on the Grill and Italian Favorites

Here are Joanne's recipes for Swedish Pecan Cookies, Sour Cream Cookies, Forgotten Kisses and Dutch Cinnamon Rolls, written out in the lovely calligraphy of "p. dutery," who is likely M. Pauleen "Polly" (Goodman) Dutery (1922-1998) of York County. Given them both a hand.