Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Mystery RPPC: Couple of wee folk

Alas, there's not much that can be said about this pristine AZO real photo postcard, which dates to between 1910 and 1930. (That means there's an outside chance one or both of these kids is still alive and in their early 90s, if the photo was taken in 1930. They would likely be wearing different outfits now, if you're trying to identify them on the street.)

There is no writing on the back and the postcard was clearly kept somewhere safe for many decades, in order to look this good in 2019. I almost feel like I should put it somewhere safe and see if we can get it to survive 100 more years. Should I add a note to the back, indicating that it was assessed by a Gen X blogger during the Trump administration and found to be an utter mystery?

Or maybe I should stamp and mail it. That'd really throw future historians for a loop.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Delightful 1970s classroom posters

Lamentations about the troublesome aspects of School Days nostaglia aside, I wanted to share these images of some fabulous 1970s classroom posters that are currently for sale on eBay. According to the seller, they were part of a Highlights magazine series. If you're of my generation, this style of illustration will be very familiar. These were all over the walls of our elementary school classrooms; seeing them can definitely bring back those memories.

Here's a look at the images, which are now additionally saved here for posterity.

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