Sunday, July 2, 2023

Baseball program ads for Coca-Cola and Hires

It's 110 freaking degrees Fahrenheit here in Florence, Arizona, today, so refreshing beverages are a must. Here are some advertisements that might hit the spot. Shown above is an advertisement from the 1955 yearbook for the Lancaster (Pennsylvania) Red Roses, a minor-league baseball team that was around until 1961.

Below are two more advertisements from the 1953 Philadelphia Phillies scorecard, which I wrote about way back in 2011. I'm not picky about my beverages these days, and I mostly drink water. My soda of choice is Teddy's, which is tasty, inexpensive and comes in 26-ounce bottles that take me three days to finish. I drink the Teddy's root beer, cream soda and orange soda. They also make strawberry, raspberry and grape flavors, but those aren't available at my local supermarket.