Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1964 Halloween-themed Sunday News TV Week (plus some ads)

Remember when the Sunday newspaper came with a separate guide to the upcoming week of television shows? (Some of us of an, ahem, certain age might end up being the last generation that truly recalls such a thing.)

This is the October 25-31, 1964, edition of TV Week for the Sunday News, which was distributed in York, Lancaster and Lebanon counties at the time.

It's a fairly amazing cover, what with the witches, black cats, bats, and floating severed heads of Fred Gwynne, Joe E. Ross, John Russell, Eddie Albert, James Whitmore and the future President Reagan inside an illustrated pumpkin. You don't much see covers like this these days.

One of the other wonderful things about this TV guide is all of the advertisements for television dealers. It's pretty neat to see what the state of the industry was like 48 years ago.

Here's a small gallery of those ads. (Some of you might spot at least one business that's still alive and kicking.)


  1. It is weird to think that printed media in general could become a thing of the past. Not even just printed media, but physical media like CDs, for example. These times they are a changin'.

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