Monday, December 20, 2010

Rehashing the 'Relics' that never were

For the Six Days of Christmas, which are all I have at this point, I'm going to kick-start this blog by re-posting some entries from the late, great Relics, a vaporware blog that never got off the ground earlier this year.1 There were some fairly decent posts there, if I do say so myself, and so I thought it would be nice to give them an official home here, instead of having them dwell forever in limbo.

So enjoy "The Best of Relics" this week. It will give you a good taste of what this blog will be like when I get busy posting original content in 2011.

1. It was going to be one of the blogs offered by the York Daily Record/Sunday News, my employer. But we decided that, while Relics was interesting, it didn't feature enough content of local interest to move forward with it. So the plug was pulled while it was still under construction.

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