Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Old geography book doodles, Part 1

The book pictured above doesn't look like it should be long for this world. Battered cover. Taped and loose binding. Tears. Scratches. Torn pages. Graffiti.

It's the 1920 edition of "New Geography (Book Two)" by Wallace W. Atwood.

And yet, even though this book has no realistic resale value1, I leaf through it, checking out the 90-year-old text and illustrations.

And the doodles.

The book is filled with doodles. It's a time capsule, taking you back to what kids' imaginations had them scribbling during the Roaring Twenties.

Today and tomorrow, I want to display (surely for the first time) some of these Juvenile Doodler Works of Art.

More doodles tomorrow, plus a bit about one of the students who studied from this book.

1. And yet, some people will try. On Amazon.com, a copy of this same edition is for sale for $3.97. It is listed as "Acceptable" with the following condition notes: "1920 edition in hardback still good for its age. Inside the book is good, however the exterior is heavily worn and ragged. Pages tanned from age, but are all intact and 90 to 95% free of markings. Hardback has significant ware & age. Spine and binding good. No jacket." That doesn't sound too different from my copy, with its heavily worn cover and markings on 5% to 10% of the pages.

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