Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy birthday, Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II turns 85 today, and I was able to dig deep into my vast warehouse of ephemera and come up with a pair of vintage pieces with Her Majesty's image.

Pictured above is the October 1957 cover of Woman's Day magazine. In addition to alerting readers to a "Collector's BEEF Cookbook", the cover pictures Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Princess Anne. Inside, this cover photo is credited to the British Information Service.

Margaret Saville's article discusses the Queen's "Transatlantic trip" and how she spent much time acquiring souvenirs to send back to Charles and Anne:
"She sends them picture postcards of all the places she visits. There is one difference, though. The cards arrive at Buckingham Palace in sealed envelopes. Royal correspondence has to be kept completely private even as it goes through the mails. Prince Charles always seizes the envelopes eagerly for they are plastered with stamps, far more than necessary, since the Queen has remembered how keen Prince Charles is on his latest hobby of collecting foreign stamps and postmarks."
The other piece of ephemera involving Elizabeth II is pictured below. It's an undated postcard from Photocrom Co. Ltd. of Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

According to the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City website, Photocrom "originally produced Christmas cards and became a major publisher and printer of tourist albums, guide books, and postcards that mostly captured worldwide views as real photos or were printed in black & white, monochrome, and color. They also published many advertising, comic, silhouette, novelty, panoramic, and notable artist signed cards in named series as well. The number of titles Photochrom produced may exceed 40,000."

For more about the Queen, see the official website of the British monarchy.

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