Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A prayer card, a farm photo and a Mother's Oats coupon

Here are three more items from my seemingly neverending supply of cool stuff found tucked away inside used books.

Old prayer card

This green prayer card is about the size of an index card. It has small hole at the top. Maybe it was tacked or nailed to a child's wall, next to his or her bed, before it was later tucked inside a bible. The prayer states:
IN my Little Bed I lie,
Heavenly FATHER hear my cry.
LORD protect me
All the night,
Bring me safe to
Morning light
Written in ink on the back is: "Compliments of Mamma."

Unknown farmer on tractor

This small photo has no information at all on the back. A farmer is working his land with a motorized tractor. There's a lot of cool detail within the photo, if you click on it and view it at a larger size. Comments and speculation on this photo are welcome, as always.

Mother's Oats coupon

This coupon, which expired on October 1, 1927, is about the size of a piece of Monopoly money. The text on the coupon states:
With these coupons you can secure high quality silverware, jewelry, wearing apparel, aluminum cooking utensils, and many other useful articles. SAVE THEM. They are redeemable for merchandise or, if you prefer, for one-quarter cent (¼c) each in cash when sent in lots of not less than forty.
The back of the coupon includes an advertisement for Teaspoon Premium No. 150, which was available for 20 Mother's Oats coupons.

The Mother's brand has been around since 1893. It is owned by The Quaker Oats Company. Here's an excerpt from the Mother's history page:
The Mother's brand was originally introduced as Mother's Oats in 1893 by the Great Western Cereal Company. The original canisters featured an image of a mother holding a baby, symbolizing a mother's love for her child.

Mother's Oats was purchased by The Quaker Oats Company in 1911, which allowed Quaker to enter into the natural foods market with the introduction of Mother's Oat Bran in 1982. The Quaker Oats Company was also the first major consumer packaged goods company to market and distribute a brand specifically for the natural foods market.
If you're interested in more on Mother's Oats coupons, the Mary Emma's Country Kitchen blog featured some memories of "Cereal Box Dishware" in this March 2011 post.


  1. I like the prayer on the card better than the standard "if I should die before I wake." That one always scared me.

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  3. My mother has a mother's oats box she stuck recipes in. It's not in real good condition. It has a small pic of a mother in a chair holding a spoon and a boy standing behind the chair at her shoulder. The box advertises that it contains a piece of ekco kitchen Ware inside. Just curious to know what the date might be. I'm figuring maybe 50s or 60s???