Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday's postcard: Glengarriff Harbour in Ireland

I'm a little short of time today, so here's a lovely view for y'all to enjoy and just a couple quick pieces of information...

The front of the postcard states:
Glengariff Harbour, Bantry Bay, Co. Cork, Ireland
Colour Photo by John Hinde, F.R.P.S.
There's a detailed biography of prolific postcard photographer Hinde on Wikipedia. Here's an excerpt:
" 1956, he left the circus and founded John Hinde Ltd. in Dublin to produce and distribute his colour pictures of Ireland. Hinde's most famous work is that of the Butlin's Holiday Camps1, in which he portrayed a welcoming and jubilant environment. In 1972, he sold his company in order to pursue his love of painting."
The back of the postcard is unused and undated. It includes the following text, set in tiny type:
GLENGARRIFF. Ireland is still almost completely unspoilt, and the south west corner -- Counties Cork and Kerry -- is claimed by many to be the loveliest part of the country. Here, where the Gulf Stream first embraces the Irish shore, the climate is remarkably mild throughout the entire year2, and sub-tropical vegetation flourishes -- palms, bamboos and azaleas, rhododendron and rare ferns. Glengarriff is set on the shores of Bantry Bay, and is famous as a beauty spot while remaining a tiny, unpretentious scattered village.
1. There are also at least two websites devoted to memories of stays at Butlin's Holiday Camps: BygoneButlins and Butlins Memories.
2. As I typed this, the weather was 59 degrees and cloudy in Glengarriff.

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