Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some history of The Regal Store in York

Back in May, I blogged about a pair of bookseller labels from here in York, Pennsylvania. It was a downright lazy blog for me. My research consisted of: "I'm not familiar with either of these former stores. Can anyone shed any light?"

Happily, this turned out be another one of those cases where I got other people to do my homework for me.1

The readers of my wife's blog, Only in York County, were able to provide some great information and memories of The Regal Store, home of one of the two bookseller labels I featured on May 11.

Go to Joan's blog to read all the great information that was submitted by her readers. Here are a couple snippets:
  • "I worked at the Regal Stationary Store in 1943, repairing umbrellas. I was 14 years old and worked for Wilbur Cross, the owner."
  • "It sold stationery supplies and umbrellas, attaches, fountain pen, pads of legal column paper, businessmen's supplies. ... I think they had some books, but not many."

1. For another example of crowdsourcing blog research, see "Mystery solved: Dietz's Lawn and Garden Store."

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  1. It's interesting that both crowdsourced comments mention umbrellas. Are there still umbrella repairmen today? Do some stores sell enough umbrellas to be memorable 68 years later?