Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Countdown #2:
Mr. Do and Mr. Don't

Back for more after-dark ephemera horrors?

You're quite brave. Today's Images of Terror™ might drive you away from Papergreat for good.1

Tonight's post features Mr. Do and Mr. Don't, a pair of scary-ass elves who adorn the cover of something called "Manners (Book One, Pointers for Little Persons)."

Creeped out yet? Zoom in for a closer look...

And it only gets worse. When I turn the cover over, there's a ghastly new image of Mr. Don't on the inside front cover.

I mean, Chucky would pee his doll pants and run in terror from this thing, right?

Plus, check out what finger of his left hand Mr. Don't is holding up.

That is a very bad elf.

Sweet dreams.

1. Which, to be clear, would be very bad for blog traffic and would steer me toward the exact opposite of my goal of growing Papergreat readership and eventually turning this into a seven-figure occupation. ... Oh well.

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