Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Robin Jacques illustrations will always cheer you up

No matter how rough or gloomy of a day you might be having, I think these Robin Jacques illustrations, from the cover of Ruth Manning-Sanders' "A Book of Magic Animals,"1 will totally cheer you up.

A dragon. A monkey. Colorful birds. A cat with a guitar. A monster-type guy who looks like a cross between Godzilla and a moose. What more could you want?

Take a closer look at Jacques' imaginative work...

To me, the dragon looks rather dim but friendly. Perhaps he's the Lennie Small of dragons. The monkey looks like a constant and faithful companion along the lines of Abu. The Lizard-Moose Guy (LMG) looks a bit pensive and forlorn. Perhaps he's bummed about being tangled up with this cast of questionable creatures.

And then there's the cat. A good rule: Never trust a cat with a green hat, a cape and a guitar. To me, that cat is saying, "Am I annoying you? ... How about now? ... How about now?"

1. Even the book's dust jacket chatter will make you feel like a kid again. It states: "Once again, Ruth Manning-Sanders dips into her infinite store of folk material ... this time about animals who use their magic powers to interfere in the lives of humans. They bring about seemingly impossible marriages, avenge horrible wrongs, protect people from very strange villains as well as their own stupidity, and occasionally shock the reader by turning out to be humans themselves -- under a curse." The book contains tales from Brittany, Russia, Africa, Sweden, Mallorca and Germany, among other places.

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