Friday, December 16, 2011

Some holiday ideas, including the Weed Christmas Tree

Featured today is Toni Wood's 1971 staplebound booklet titled "Complete Instruction Book Christmas Ideas" (cover price, 59¢).

The 48-page book -- published by "Belmont Industries division of Chemtoy Corporation"1 in Cicero, Illinois -- is big on suggesting Dow Chemical's Styrofoam, spray paint and glitter for most of its craft projects.

Author Wood warns readers in an introductory note:
"Spray paint is simple and easy to use and comes in many lovely, vivid colors. Before using spray paint on STYROFOAM, BE SURE TO READ THE LABEL ON THE CAN. IT MUST SAY 'FOR STYROFOAM.' If the label doesn't say that the paint may be used for styrofoam, DO NOT USE IT. If you use a NON-STYROFOAM paint, it will melt holes in the foam or foam will disintegrate altogether into a small pile of plastic. LEARN TO READ LABELS CAREFULLY."
So there. Happy, healthy craftmaking, everyone! And don't disintegrate anything.

But if Styrofoam and disintegration aren't your cup of tea, Wood has another suggestion: Decorate with weeds!


Here are the instructions for the Weed Christmas Tree:2
"Find one sturdy tree-shaped weed. Dry. Spray with green paint. You may need to tie a small wooden dowel to center stem as I did for added support. Glitter with spray glue and a mixture of fine green glitter and green 1/8" glitter squares. Set in base filled with plaster of Paris. Spray base gold. Trimed with hand made ornaments..."
And here's your finished product. Merry Weed-mass!

The best part? Thanks to all that spray paint and glitter, your festive weed can no longer be safely mulched. So it's off to the landfill! Ho, ho, ho, Planet Earth!

1. And if the word Chemtoy doesn't suggest the magical holiday season, I don't know what does.
2. Keep your marijuana jokes to yourselves, please.

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