Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A 1947 card from Arendtsville Lutheran Church

I came across a hardcover copy of Cornelius Weygandt's1 "On the Edge of Evening" (The Autobiography of a Teacher and Writer Who Holds to the Old Ways).

Pasted to the inside front cover2 is a small card noting that the book was given as a gift 65 years ago -- in 1947.

The left side of the card states, in cursive:

"Arendtsville Lutheran Church
Mother-Daughter Banquet
May 14, 1947"3

And the right side of the card states:

"For Miss Clara Myers
in gratitude for your
contributions to the program."

Arendtsville is a small borough in Adams County, Pennsylvania, about eight miles northwest of Gettsyburg. The church mentioned is almost certainly Trinity Lutheran Church, which is located at 38 North High Street in Arendtsville and, as a congregation, dates to 1787.

1. Here are some interesting excerpts about Weygandt from Seth D. Parker's biographical essay, which is featured on the website of the Pennsylvania Center for the Book (which, fittingly, is based in the Paterno Library at The Pennsylvania State University):
  • Weygandt was born on December 13, 1871, in Germantown, Pennsylvania.
  • "In his autobiography, 'On the Edge of Evening,' Weygandt reminisces about his childhood, having been different from most of his peers. He recalls the other children running and playing while he was busy with his texts or learning Latin. Most of his childhood friends were actually adults. He would spend his free time listening to stories from his Aunt Rachel or Lawrence Kelly, the family gardener, who would teach Weygandt rhymes as they worked together."
  • "Weygandt wrote with pride of the Pennsylvania Dutch. He even opposed the movement to correct the phrase to Pennsylvania German, on the basis that, to the world, they were Pennsylvania Dutch. He felt that most of the greatest things about their heritage would be forever tagged as Dutch. Dutch cookbooks, Dutch furniture, Dutch pretzels, and more would all be lost to their rightful owners if they insisted on being called Pennsylvania German."
2. I wrote about another instance of a gift-inscription card being pasted to the inside front cover of a book in "Birthday gift from the Class of 1943-44."
3. On that date in history -- May 14, 1947 -- the St. Louis Cardinals officially released Frank Angelo Joseph "Creepy" Crespi, who I wrote about in this June 2011 post.

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