Friday, April 27, 2012

Event covers from Scandinavian Airlines and Franconia Township

For something a little different today, here are a pair of old event covers. An event cover is a decorated, stamped and canceled envelope that is typically created to commemorate a special event or anniversary.

The first event cover, shown above, marks the first regular SAS flight from Scandinavia to Los Angeles in November 1954. SAS is Scandinavian Airlines, which was founded in 1946 and is the largest airline in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The envelope features a one-krone stamp depicting Grønland (the Danish word for Greenland). And the postmarks refer to Sdr. Strømfjord in Greenland and København.

Then there's the curious phrase in the middle of the postmark:


I'm not sure what language that is, but my best guess is Greenlandic, an Eskimo–Aleut language.

Today's second event cover was postmarked July 4, 1932, in Souderton, Pennsylvania.

The event being celebrated is the bicentennial of Franconia Township in Montgomery County. The blue stamp on the envelope states:
Hark Ye! Hark Ye!
All Ye People!
July 3-9
1732 1932
Franconia Township
Montgomery Co. Pa.
Interestingly, the township's own website now claims that it was founded in 1731, not 1732.

Meanwhile, printed in the border of the blue stamp are: Agriculture, Dairying, Schools and Churches, Social Clubs, Manufacturing and Poultry. At the bottom of the stamp is "Sponsored By D.W.16 Club. Souderton Penna."

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