Friday, July 27, 2012

"Leisurely, unhurried living" at Mexico City's Hotel Tecali

The best feature of this 1960s brochure for the Hotel Tecali in Mexico City is the description of the hotel and its various themed rooms.1

Here's the overall description:
"Admittedly, the Hotel Tecali is unique, not just another Hotel. It is in a class by itself, and for many resons [sic]. For one, its luxurious appointments are what the discriminating visitor might expect to find in a private residence, hardly in a Hotel. Twenty-six Duplex Suites, each with a spacious living room, completely equipped kitchenette, and marble bath room with steam bath cabinet, suggest and are conducive to leisurely, unhurried living, the kind of living experienced world travelers seek but seldom find.

"Everything about the Tecali, from its splendid furnishing to its trained and polite personnel, is a cordial invitation to the guest to relax, absorb to the full myriad attractions of colorful Mexico."

Absorb to the full myriad attractions of colorful Mexico?

A photo of the dining room, meanwhile, is accompanied by this description: "Its breath-taking view from the marvelous Dining Room where delicious food in either Mexican or International cuisines offers you delectable dishes and beverages. A refined atmosphere and modern melodies surround you in this unique setting."

So, to be clear, "delicious food ... offers you delectable dishes and beverages."

Finally, here is the photo of the Colonial Suite from the brochure:

Of its Colonial-ness, this is written:
"This spacious bedroom is part of one of the Colonial Suites, its windows overlook beautiful Chapultepec Park."
Capultepec Park ... that's something I could absorb to in Mexico City.

1. According to the 1967 "New Horizons World Guide" from Pan American World Airways, room rates at Hotel Tecali started at $28 for a single and $32 for a double that year. Those are pretty hefty prices. The equivalent of $181 for a single and $207 for a double in 2010 dollars, according to The Inflation Calculator. In later years it became the Hotel Howard Johnson Tecali Suites, but it appears the building might be vacant as of this writing.

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