Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All that remained of a very old book

In going through a box of used books yesterday, I came across this poor thing at the bottom.

There was nothing else with it.

It's just a torn-off back cover of an old book. Even with the illustration of the boy and girl in a boat, it would take a miracle to figure out what book this is from.

Truly, it should just be tossed in the trash. (My wife is nodding yes).

But I reckon the illustration is interesting enough to post online for posterity before sending it off to the Great Book Beyond. Or putting it into the Drawer of Blogged-About Items, where it won't take up much space. (My wife is giving me a stern look.)

1 comment:

  1. NOW your wife is giving you a stern look. And wondering why said sad coverpiece is still sitting on the desk instead of in EITHER of those locations.

    But she loves you.