Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Clippings from the October 1935 issues of the St. Paul Dispatch, Part 2

We're diving into the world of sports for today's clippings from the October 28-31, 1935, issues of the St. Paul (Minnesota) Dispatch.

Maroons find help for Jay Berwanger;
he's Persian passer

"Persian passer" is probably not a phrase you'd see used today. The University of Chicago quarterback in question is Omar Fareed. He went on to be something far more important than an athlete — he was a doctor. This 1985 Los Angeles Times article details his missionary work.

Jay Berwanger is, of course, a famous figure in American football history, and he fits nicely into today's second clipping...

N.Y. club will honor outstanding gridder

This article touches on the creation of what would become the Heisman Trophy. The first recipient of the (then) Downtown Athletic Club Trophy was Berwanger, who was honored in December 1935.

Heavy drinking at grid games charged

You might think the problem of drinking at sporting events is bad today. It might have been even worse in the past, as evidenced by this sobering article, which came less than two years after the repeal of Prohibition.

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