Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday's postcard: Old building over the water and a neat note

This unlabeled old postcard features a photo of a wooden structure built over a pond or slow-moving creek.1 There's a boat on the right, and the smaller portion of the structure, on the left, might be a spring house.

The postcard was never mailed, as there is no stamp or postmark. (And no room was left for an address!) So it was either (1) hand-delivered, (2) mailed inside an envelope, or (3) never sent.

The note on the back is dated October 17, 1912.2 It is written in pencil and cursive and reads:3
Dear Niece,
I will ans. your card. We are all well because we haven't time to be sick. Are you a little out of season with your strawberries? It seems to me we are having fresh tomatoes and radishes from the garden. Watermelons, peaches and pears and tomatoes are still going to market by the wagon load yet. Eggs are 29 cts, butter 35, oats 40, young chickens 13 cts alive, sweet potatoes 65, Irish 75. How is school? Did N.Y. get all right? Write Soon. Aunt Sarah

1. English is a wonderful language. Other names for creek or stream include branch, brook, beck, burn, crick, gill, ghyll, kill, lick, mill race, rill, river, syke, bayou, rivulet, streamage, wash, run and runnel.
2. Albino Luciani was born on October 17, 1912. He went on to become Pope John Paul I and served for 33 days in 1978 before his death.
3. The only thing I've added is some punctuation, to help with readability.

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