Saturday, April 13, 2013

1955 postcard advertising sale at Wolfgang's Shoe Store in York

This postcard was tucked away inside of the 1953 hardcover "Food Guide to Better Health." It was mailed in January 1955 to Howard Myers, who lived on West Philadelphia Street in York.

It advertises a sale at Wolfgang's Shoe Store, located at 1121 North George Street in North York. Some of the sale prices include:
  • Twenty percent off Portage, City Club, Boy Scout, Play Poise, Weather Bird and Velvet Step shoes.
  • A special table of ladies' and "GROWING FIRLS" [sic] shoes for $4 per pair.
  • Discontinued styles of Oxford shoes for $5 per pair.
One of my wife's blogs, Only in York County, features a wealth of information (from commenters) about Wolfgang's in this November 2011 post and this February 2012 post. Its full name at the time was Wolfgang's Shoe & Sporting Goods.

Here is some more history on the business, from Joan's readers:
  • Donald Wolfgang: "Wolfgang's began as a shoe store only in 1918 by my grandfather. The building was added onto in 1940 for the sporting goods department. The business was owned by Millard Wolfgang Sr., Millard Wolfgang Jr. (Bud) & Donald Wolfgang. ... The store was at 1121 N. George St. for the entire 73 years of business. ... Wolfgang’s did have a postal substation, lay-a-way & a 'point system'. Wolfgang’s 'traded' ice skates, sold American made footwear & performed full services for the hunter & fisherman. Wolfgang’s was also the headquarters for North Hills Jr. High & Central High gym uniforms."
  • Jason Gross: "According to the Central HS yearbook of 1964, Wolfgang’s Shoes & Sporting Goods at 1121 N. George St. was 'Selling Quality Footwear for 45 years'. In the 60′s my dad bought all his and my shoes there. I don’t think he bought many sporting goods there. He bought our fishing gear at J.W. Crone Grocery and Sporting Goods near the square in Dover."
  • Dale Boyce: “Back in the '60s there was a Wolfgang’s Sporting Goods on George St. in North York. Right next to it was a soda fountain store called Baylor’s. They had a pool table and sold magazines, papers, etc. They sold root beer floats and real cherry cola!”
  • Jane Duke: "My parents knew both Wolfgang families — one side was the candy company folks (who every year bought back their chocolate from me to support St. Mary’s Catholic School and then York Catholic High School). The other side of the family owned the sporting goods store — they carried everything and were the frontrunners for Dick’s & Gander Mountain."

For more great memories of York County, always be sure to check out Only in York County. You might also want to check out the Preserving York group on Facebook and Blake Stough's fine blog.

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