Monday, April 22, 2013

EndoPest and EndoWeed make gardening MORE FUN!

Well, this is not what I originally intended, but it appears I've come up with a fairly inappropriate post for Earth Day.

This is an undated brochure for EndoPest, a garden-dusting product once offered by Swift & Company.1 It first caught my eye because of the "insect" pictured on the cover, which looks like something out of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."

The pamphlet states that "EndoPest was developed by Swift & Company to bring gardeners the same satisfactory results in pest control that they have learned to expect of Vigoro in plant feeding. EndoPest controls sucking insects, chewing insects, and many fungus diseases. Because it is so complete, diagnosis is seldom necessary."

The pesticide was dispensed with a dust gun (complete with refill cartridges), which apparently made gardening more fun:
"Everything about EndoPest is designed to help you get more fun out of your gardening. To use EndoPest you merely pull off tape at 2 points on the original dust gun package. Then use as a bellows by sliding bottom backwards and forwards while holding top of package firmly in your hand, directing it to the area to be dusted."

Here are some more illustrations and excerpts from the pamphlet.

And, of course, after you've killed all the bugs, you need to kill all the weeds, too. The back of the pamphlet touts "selective lawn weed killer" EndoWeed.

1. It would take a month of research to sort through the tangled web of history involving Swift & Company, Peter Pan peanut butter, Butterball, Esmark, Beatrice Foods, ConAgra, HM Capital Partners, and JBS S.A. It is, of course, disconcerting that this company gave us both meat and weed-and-pest killers over the decades.


  1. Hey! My Grandma used that stuff to get the Japanese beetles off of her roses! (It didn't work)

  2. He does look very "Wonderland-Esque" :)