Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Here's hoping that Pixlr is a cure for blogger's block

I'm not sure what it's called when an ephemera blogger has writer's block.

I'm not even sure an ephemera blogger can even claim that he or she has writer's block, and lump himself or herself in with real writers, like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Charles Schulz.

Whatever it is — blogger's block?? — I'm stymied in my quest for words so far this week.

So I amused myself tonight by fooling around in Pixlr and creating this collage featuring images from posts that I've started and pondered, but not yet finished. Some day, hopefully, all of these will get their own posts.

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  1. Bloggers block happens to me in big bursts and I end up not writing for a few days or a week, once five months! And it means tons of rescheduling of posts and apologies to the people whose orphaned postcard didn't get featured when it was supposed to and I feel awful. Sometimes I'll just do what you did ... put up something different and fun ... and that works to remove the block. Sometimes I just need to take the break.