Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vintage ink blotter for Shafer's Flowers of Coraopolis

Margaret C. Shafer had you covered 24/7 in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, in the mid-20th century. This old ink blotter highlights the "Night Calls" number at Shafer's Flowers, among other things.

In case you had an emergency need for flowers at 2 a.m., of course.

The ink blotter features the Mercury-powered logo for FTD from back when the company was still Florists' Telegraph Delivery. (It changed to Florists' Transworld Delivery sometime in the mid 1960s, if you're scoring at home.)

And the blotter itself was printed by Brown & Bigelow, a company from St. Paul, Minnesota, was that was founded in 1896 and is still around, churning out quality promotional products for customers. Clearly, I should ask them to produce some Papergreat ink blotters. If they still even make ink blotters.

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