Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ham radio "goodies" from Errol Engraving of Westfield, Mass.

This postcard-sized advertisement for Errol Engraving in Westfield, Massachusetts, has a copyright mark dated 1964 for Everett S. Decker in the lower-left corner.1

Errol Engraving, which I do not believe is still in business, specialized in supplies, including QSL cards, for amateur radio enthusiasts.

The tiny type on the back of the card details some of the "Goodies" that were available, including:
  • 2 This car is "RADIO" Active decals for 50 cents
  • 60 self-sticking "Eye Ball" QSL labels for 50 cents
  • Citizen Radio license plate marker for $1
  • Complete collection of QSL cards from all 50 states for $1.50
  • Set of 4 Club Officer Ribbons for $1

I would love to see examples of some of the above, especially the decals and the "Eye Ball" labels.

Here's the whole list of "Goodies"...

1. Everett S. Decker lived from 1923 to 1990, according to Find A Grave. Decker is also briefly mentioned as a cachet maker on the Naval Cover Museum website.

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