Saturday, October 12, 2013

Slightly unsettling old postcard: Dungeon Rock in Massachusetts

I mentioned on Thursday that I had an old postcard of Dungeon Rock in Lynn, Massachusetts, and here it is. The unused postcard was published by The Metropolitan News Company in Boston and made in Germany. The back of those postcard is for the recipient's address only, so it was likely produced prior to March 1907.

Dungeon Rock is located within Lynn Woods Reservation, which is the largest municipal park in New England.

Dungeon Rock's improbable but (mostly?) true history dates to 1658 and involves pirates, treasure, caves, a deadly earthquake, spiritualists, and much more. You can read much more about it at these links:

One interesting thing I found in examining this postcard is that there are more people shown that I originally thought. I count at least five individuals, and I probably did not notice the man sitting on the rock until the 10th time I looked at the card. Also, what I originally believed to be a red ribbon tied to a branch is actually a partially obscured woman in a full-length red dress.

Finally, it doesn't take much imagination to see a face (or faces) within the foliage.

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