Thursday, December 19, 2013

12 toys Mattel wanted you to buy for your kids in 1967

These nostalgic images hail from an eight-page advertising section in the December 1967 issue of Family Circle magazine. In addition to marketing Mattel's most popular holiday toys, the section served to announce Mattel's Million Dollar Christmas Sweepstakes. You could take the provided coupon to any of the stores listed in the advertisement and had a chance to win one of the 10,000 gift certificates for $100 that were being given away nationally.

And here are of some of the toys you had the opportunity to purchase with your gift certificate or hard-earned cash 46 Decembers ago...

Talking Mrs. Beasley

"Talking Mrs. Beasley from the popular 'Family Affair' television show! She'll say 'Would you like to try my glasses? You may if you wish,' and 10 more phrases." (Mrs. Beasley was Buffy Davis' doll on the TV show.)

and Snoopy-in-the-Box

"Who to talk to? Any of 40 personalities, with the Mattel-O-Phone! And who's the Jack-In-The-Music-Box? Snoopy, from the Peanuts comic strip and TV specials!"

See 'N Say

"See 'N Say toys teach sounds of musical instruments (Mr. Music Says), animals (The Farmer Says), letters of the alphabet (The Bee Says). Plus two other versions."

A trio of Thingmakers

"Thingmakers mold genuine Plastigoop into many shapes. New Fright Factory makes fangs, scars, claws to wear. New Fun Flowers makes all kinds of flowers to wear and decorate with. Creepy Crawlers molds bugs, beetles. Other Thingmakers include Creeple People, Fighting Men. For kids who already have a Thingmaker, look for Master-Paks and Accessory Kits!"

(I think my favorite part is the phrase "genuine Plastigoop.")

Major Matt Mason space toys

"Major Matt Mason is Mattel's Man in Space! Bendable astronaut comes with removable helmet, Jet Pak and string for flying. Accessories include Space Station with transparent solar shields, flashing beacon. And the Space Crawler that travels anywhere, indoors or out! Other new Major Matt Mason action accessories include remote-control Moon Suit, action Rocket Launch and Space Probe, and the Rocket Ship Carrying Case."


"Twiggy, the famous London model, is now a doll. With Twiggy haircut, Twiggy lashes!"

The Monkees finger puppet

"The Monkees four fingered puppet! Kids love to hear TV-record stars say things like 'We're having more fun than a barrel of people!'"


"Skipper is Barbie's pert little sister! She has bendable legs, lots of beautiful new costumes." (Skipper was introduced in 1964, and she is still a popular doll. In the current model, Skipper is a brunette with purple streaks in her hair.)

Incredible Edibles

"New Incredible Edibles! It's fun to eat candy bugs and beetles — even more fun to make them! Sooper-Gooper safely bakes liquid Gobble-Degoop into pure, sugarless gum-drop candy in six flavors. Incredible Edibles set has the Good Housekeeping Seal, comes with Sooper-Gooper, Gobble-Degoop, molds, recipes for lunch box treats and special Incredible Ediblees desserts — like Beetle Brittle, Crab Cakes."


Do not confuse the Plastigoop with the Gobble-Degoop!
Only one of those two goops is edible.
I think.
Merry Christmas.

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  1. Great stuff. I would love to have that Fright Factory Thingmaker for the graphics on the box alone. I never knew there was a Twiggy doll and it's almost as thin as the real Twiggy!