Saturday, June 7, 2014

A pair of century-old apologetic postcard replies

We aren't the only generation that has trouble keeping up with everything, including correspondence. People were overwhelmed with responsibilities or procrastinated — or a little bit of both — in the early 20th century, too, as these two postcards featured today can attest.

Swinging bridge over Codorous [sic] Creek, York, Pa.

This first card (above) was mailed to Miss Georgia B. Klinefelter of East Orange, New Jersey. It was postmarked on June 12, 1911, and it states:
"Dear Friend:
I certainly appreciate your card and that you should remember me. Would have answered before but have been so busy and tired, that I was unable to write. My card in Sunday school has quite a few holes caused by Mother's illness. Will be glad to hear from you at any time. Love from Cordie."

Drive to Stanton Avenue, Highland Park, Pittsburg, Pa.

The second card was sent to Mr. Emerson Lanning (care of Chas Lanning) in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania. It was postmarked on July 30, 1909. The note states:
"Dear Friend. - I guess I don't have any manners anymore as I should have sent you a card as soon as I got home. We are all well and was all at the picnic on monday. How is the rabbits, pony, Etc.? John."

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