Thursday, June 26, 2014

Quotes from our January 16, 2010, trip to the grocery store

Sometimes, when my wife and I are in the grocery store, I jot down funny things that we say or hear in the aisles onto the back of the grocery list. (I am in charge of the grocery list. And, yes, sometimes I keep the used grocery lists because, of course, they are ephemera. But that's an aside.) Anyway, I wrote down a particularly lengthy list of quotes from our trip on January 16, 2010, and subsequently posted it on Facebook. I thought it would be fun, for posterity, to also post the quotes here, 53 months after the fact. Perhaps a future historian, reading a hard copy or printout of this blog, will find it humorous. Or something.

  • JOAN (sternly, to me): "Where are you going? That's baby stuff."
  • JOAN: "What makes sense to buy and what fits in the cart are two different things."
  • JOAN (not to me): "Here comes the man I want."
  • JOAN: "Let's talk about why they don't have my kind of olives that I'm used to getting."
  • ME (consulting my list, long after we passed the honey): "We'll have to go on a honey mission."
  • JOAN (sternly, to me): "Do you want to wait there, out of the way, while I go get honey?"
  • ME (outraged at the store-shelf reorganization): "You can NEVER take ravioli away from the soups."
  • JOAN (after I told her something cost $5.80): "We don't do 80's. We do quarters."1
  • ME (having missed another item on the list): "Did we pass pretzels? .... (Long pause) .... I'm in trouble."

1. This was a time when Joan kept a running total of our purchases as we were making our way through the store. For the sake of convenience, prices were rounded to the nearest 25 cents. The rounding was a concept, however, that I sometimes struggled with.

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