Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nifty postcard featuring the traditional costumes of Ukraine

Here's an interesting postcard I received in the mail this week through Postcrossing. (I've now both sent and received more than 225 postcards.) Pictured on the postcard are traditional costumes of the Ukrainian people.

The note on the back of the postcard states:
"Greetings and best wishes from the capital of Ukraine! I'm 24, tv-reporter and my name is Yevgeniya. So, we are colleagues! But now, as you know, it is war against russians in the east of Ukraine, so the most of my materials are about it. Good luck for you and your family!"
It's more than a little humbling to be called Yevgeniya's "colleague." I spend my days worrying about World Cup soccer and youth baseball tournaments. She's covering her country's battle for its survival and future. I should be the one wishing her and her family good luck. Or, perhaps I should say either Удачи or Бажаю успіху!

Finally, my daughter was impressed with this postcard and when I asked her which one of these traditional outfits she could see me wearing. This is the one she chose...

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