Thursday, November 6, 2014

Public service announcement:
Winter is coming

It's still autumn, but it's starting to feel like winter. Part of Maine got 20+ inches of snow earlier this week. And an "Arctic outbreak" is forecast to bring chills to the United States next week. It's time to check on the snow shovels and salt, find your mittens and make sure the larders and freezer are stocked with Spam and scrapple. (Or, if you prefer, Vegan Spam and Vrapple.)

So, anyway, here's a neat old illustration simply titled "WINTER." It's from a loose page (with no identifying information) that I came across. And it doesn't appear that the artist is credited anywhere within the illustration.

I did discover, however, that the original source of this piece of artwork might be an 1857 issue of Arthur's Lady's Home Magazine, according to this 2012 post on Janet Boyer's Fizz of Ideas blog, which shows a color version of the same illustration.

Here are some closeups that show the wonderful level of detail within "WINTER."

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