Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1916 inscription from the Lincoln Motor Cycle Club of York

OK, this is kind of cool. (But, then, isn't everything here?) On the inside front cover of the abundantly titled Caricature: The Wit & Humor Of A Nation In Picture, Song & Story, there in a 99-year-old inscription for a York, Pennsylvania, organization. It states:

This Book is the
property of the
Lincoln Motor Cycle Club
223 W. Market St.
York, Pa.
Received Jan. 24, 1916.

The book, which is sadly in tatters, has more than 40 illustrators, according to the credits, and was published by Leslie-Judge Company of New York.

I have no information or history regarding the Lincoln Motor Cycle Club; that might require some outside help.

The best part of this book, besides the inscription, are the illustrations, some of which are in color. The faces are especially fabulous. Here's a gallery of some of my favorites...

Note: This left side of this final image has been cropped off, as it was torn.

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