Sunday, June 28, 2015

Inspirational Soviet postcard from the 1960s (Yes, I wrote that)

Straight from the Cold War, here's a vintage postcard from the Soviet Union with a great message that transcends ideologies and generations.

The card shows a young boy who is doing some woodworking. He is surrounded by images of boats, an airplane, a rocket ship, birdhouse and a futuristic helicopter.

The caption, translated, essentially states:

Skillful hands do not know boredom

Which is a fantastic message. From anyone, anywhere, at any time. If that's considered propaganda, then it's the kind of propaganda we need more of.

Here's the back of the postcard, which I have not attempted to translate, because Russian cursive is not my specialty.

Here's a closer look at the postcard publisher's logo and that groovy helicopter.


  1. Cool postcard! :D And you can practice your Russian cursive here ;-)

  2. Great postcard. And here you can read about Russian cursive