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The jaw-dropping dust jackets of George Manning-Sanders' novels

2022 UPDATE:
I discovered in May 2022 that my original research (that George Manning-Sanders had "at least three published novels") was faulty. "The Burnt Man" and "The Third Day" are the same novel, with different titles from different publishers. This is from the 1930 Catalog of Copyright Entries:



Here at Papergreat, it's all about folktale author Ruth Manning-Sanders. But her husband, George Manning-Sanders (1884-1952)1, was also an author.

He had at least three published novels. And their dust jackets are gorgeous. I can't imagine many of these are still floating around. So let's post them here, too, for posterity.

Drum & Monkey
"A novel about a dealer in second-hand oddments, and his ambitions for his young son."

via Flickr

The Burnt Man
"Man escapes his past and starts life anew in the west of England."

via Between the Covers Rare Books Inc.

The Third Day
"Humphrey Daine dramatically remakes his life and loves."

via Amazon (It would be great, though improbable, if a better version of this dust jacket was available somewhere.)

Drum & Monkey (1929) and The Burnt Man (1930) were published by Faber and Faber. The Third Day was published in 1930 by Horace Liveright.

1. Before he married Ruth Vernon Manning and became a hyphenate, his birth name was George Rawlings Sanders.

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