Friday, August 28, 2015

Ephemera for Lunch #16:
Lafayette Motel in Tallahassee

The front of this Plastichrome postcard indicates that the Lafayette Hotel was adjacent to Florida State University.

The vital stats, from the back of the card, add the following:


U.S. 90's Newest — Air Conditioned, T.V. and Phones in every room — Swimming Pool — Steam Heat — Acoustical Tile Ceiling — Courtesy Coffee in the morning. Adjacent to Quaker House Restaurant. Phone 224-1145.

This motel is now listed as Permanently Closed by Google. It was on its very last legs in recent years. Here's a sample of its final Google reviews:
  • "Bed bugs very bad management"1
  • "Do not bother. End of story."
  • "Bedbugs, ghetto tenants, and verbal abuse from workers."

Meanwhile, a 2012 review on stated: "known to have guests that are drug dealers and prostitutes. A very short walk from campus on tennessee street near stadium drive. Everyone in tallahassee knows about this place and they continue to allow these activities in the FSU campus area. Parents need to contact the school and or the city and let them know that this is not acceptable."

We're not having many Happy Stories or Happy Endings with these motels and hotels this week, are we? Sorry about that. Here are some Cute Vintage Cats to cheer you up.

1. Does that mean the bed bugs are the managers? Because I agree they would not be good at that task.

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