Friday, September 11, 2015

Ye Grand Olde York Fair postcard from 1914

The York Fair begins today and is celebrating a big anniversary this year — 250 years of existence. This year's event will include old favorites like the racing pigs, a hypnotist, "I Got It," the butter sculpture, many chickens, goat mountain, carnival rides, Alabama, and ridiculous amounts of food.

This vintage postcard goes back 101 of those 250 years, to 1914. Back then, the York Fair was held slightly later in the year (October 5-9) and for fewer days (five days as compared to the current ten days).

The card dubs it Ye Grand Olde York Fair and is labeled "Bird's Eye View No. 2, York Fair Ground." It was published by "Fair & Square" Bargain House of York.

For your browsing pleasure, the York Daily Record has put together a trio of great galleries of historic York Fair ephemera:

Also, here are some links to previous posts related to the York Fair and similar events...

You can catch me at this year's York Fair, if you've always wanted to meet an obscure blogger. I'll be playing the key role of "4-H Farm Animal Learning Center (aka Petting Zoo) Attendant" from noon to 6 p.m. on Sept. 17. (It's really just an excuse to be near goats.)

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