Friday, November 20, 2015

#PeaceForParis #PeaceForRefugees #PeaceForMali #PeaceForTheWorld

The terrorist attacks in Paris began one week ago at this time (3:20 p.m. EST, 21:20 CET). In the past week, there has been plenty of rhetoric (plenty of it hasty and politicized) in the United States and abroad about ISIS, the war on terror, Syrian refugees and border controls. I hope cooler heads, empathy and compassion prevail. But history, especially history since 9/11, tells us how the months and years ahead are most likely to play out.

One week ago, a hole was torn in the heart of Paris. Today should be a day for reflection. He are some beautiful vintage postcards of the city.

Many of us are trying to emphasize that now is a time for people of the world to come together, not build walls. The point that we're all in this together was further driven home by an email I received this morning from a woman in Russia who received one of my Postcrossing cards:
Thank You for the super gorgeous autumn postcard. ...

Unfortunately, we had not nice time around Halloween, because of terror attack of Russian air plane (224 people died). There were 15 people from my hometown, cause it's the closest airport (in St. Petersburg), where we go from my hometown. So, friends of my friends died too =(

But I hope you had a nice day.

Have a stunning weekend. Take care. Best wishes for you and your nearest and dearest.


That a Russian citizen who is essentially in a state of shock and mourning would take the time to send well wishes to (essentially) a stranger in the United States is inspirational, and makes me want to re-triple my efforts in finding the small ways that I can spread compassion, smiles and wishes for peace around the globe.

I also found hope in an article this morning in The Washington Post, an article that is a welcome beacon in a time of hateful rhetoric. It's titled "What if every U.S. college campus offered to house a Syrian refugee family?" You should check it out.


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