Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday: Great non-political reads & some walkable streets

Typical Street Scene, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Published by Rahola Photo Supply, Santurce, Puerto Rico. Dormand Postcards, Riverhead, Long Island, New York.

As Super Tuesday envelopes the United States and Jesse "The Body" Ventura is additionally threatening an independent run for president, here is the latest and wide-ranging roundup of Great Things to Read on the Internet, interspersed with vintage postcards of walkable streets and communities.

Books, reading, writing and life

Environment and recycling

Kramgasse ("Grocers Alley") and Zeitglockenturm (clock tower) in Bern, Switzerland. The street dates to the 1100s.

Walking and exploring


Current events

Technology & gaming

Folklore & Ephemera

Fava beans and other entertainment

Dronningen's Gade, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

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