Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday's mixed lot of ephemera

Here are a half-dozen quick-hit items for your browsing enjoyment...

Business card for Leonard's of Chester

This came from one of the many drawers at Oak Crest Lane. It's a card for Leonard's, a Chester, Pennsylvania, business that did furniture repair, cabinet work and antiques restoration. The phone number was TRemont 6-6658. Leonard himself wrote the following note on the back of the card, dated July 18, 1962:
"Mrs. Ingham
I called to tighten your poster bed at the request of your mother — all bolts are now tight except one on RH corner of foot poster — due to the nut threads being striped.

Gaylord Book Jacket Cover

Few people ever see the inside of a protective book cover, as it spends most of its life doing its job, pressed up against the covers of the book. I recently removed one of those protective jackets from a Ruth Manning-Sanders book (of course), and I thought it would be cool to post what's printed inside.

This cover was sold by Gaylord Bros., Inc., of Syracuse, New York, and Stockton, California.

Gaylord is still around, focusing now on higher-end needs for archives and preservation.

Gotochi cards & a white rabbit

Gotochi postcards are a neat series that I learned about through Postcrossing. The colorful cards, each a unique shape to suit the content, are issued by the Japanese Postal System and highlight local customs, symbols and foods throughout the nation.

The pictured Gotochi postcard celebrates the legend of the Hare of Inaba in Tottori Prefecture.

Read more about Gotochi cards on this Postcrossing blog post.

European travel snapshot

Here's one of my grandmother's travel snapshots, taken from the window of the bus she was traveling on. It's from either the United Kingdom or France. Her short note on the back indicates that the "hedge row" was the reason for the picture. The cow in the center gives this blurry picture a nice focal point, though. I have been setting aside a small handful of her travel snapshots that, unintentionally, really work nicely on the artistic level. In my eyes, anyway.

National Parks Association

And here's my grandmother's old membership card for the National Parks Association. It changed its name to the National Parks and Conservation Association in 1970 and has been the National Parks Conservation Association since 2002.

Puss in Boots, Jr.

The final item serves as a preview of what will be a full post in the future. It's the cover of Puss in Boots, Jr. In Fairyland, which was written by David Cory and published in 1918 by Harper & Brothers. The cover is awesome, and there's more awesome stuff inside — especially with regard to the illustrations — so stay tuned for a full rundown in a future post.

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