Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween horror for chickens

So much of Halloween is about scaring humans. We should have some spooky stuff for poultry, too.

This should do it.

The 3¼-inch-wide piece of paper, possibly intended as a flimsy coaster for drinks, features a perspiring chicken being chased by a chef with a large knife. The chicken seems to understand the mortal danger facing it and is fleeing like it's a teenage babysitter being pursued by a slasher in a Shatner mask.

Buen Provecho! translates to bon app├ętit, which translates to "enjoy your meal." (With your meal coming at the chicken's expense.)

Hotel Avila gets three stars (out of five possible) from TripAdvisor and is ranked as the 32nd-best (out of 86) hotel in Caracas, Venezuela. But that's by no means a scientific assessment.

And it doesn't include any of the reviews provided by chickens, who would presumably give it one star, at most, if they could get onto the internet.

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