Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Our scary world in Tweets

Important news and insights are flying past so fast these days...

Full Arnade Twitter essay starting with the above Tweet:
"1. About the "I talked to my cab/uber driver" thing some journalists still amazingly do without irony. It is so so lazy and so so clueless. 2. Imagine pro athlete bragging about climbing the stairs to their home as their workout for the day! I mean. Talking to people is your gig! 3. I been doing this journalism thing for about 2 yrs. One of biggest disappointment is how afraid many journalists are of the different. 4. Different places. Different people. Different views. If you are worried to go into a "rough" hood (many are). Rethink what that means. 5. There many curious, open, extrovert journalist. They are often limited by budgets & by what editors want. Which is now data data data. 6. There is also a culture of journalism that often discourages meeting others. Media travels in a media bubble of Marriotts and Starbucks. 7. Write it off as a cheap gimmick, but I really have learned more hanging in sad McDonald's and per hour motels than in any other places. 8. I would love to see more journalist talk about their bus driver. Or better yet the other people on their bus or at their bus stop. 9. A cab or uber is a luxury in the world I spend my time in as a journalist. Unless it is a hack cab. Or is because so so many DUIs. 10. So. Please stop the I talked to my cab driver thing. I mean. Geez. It really really really really really shouldn't have to be said."

Full Arnade Twitter essay starting with the above Tweet:
"1. A small exchange with @zeynep sent me down a wormhole of reading and thinking. I have way overlooked impact of Facebook on voters. 2. I spend most of my time in low income communities. Minority and white. And in those places Facebook dominates as a source of information. 3. Whenever I take a picture of someone, and we exchange info, their first question is a version of, "Are you on Facebook. If so, tag me." 4. I wrote about McDonald's as social centers. Part of reason is free WiFi & part of that appeal is using facebook. 5. This includes people who are homeless, or those moving between rehab, detox, half-way homes, shelters, and/or jail. 6. I have been in drug traps at 2 am, and asked to take a selfie with someone who just shot up, and they then say, "Can I tag you?" 7. For many working poor, Facebook is their news source. And what news and stories they see is now determined by what comes into their feed. 8. We are already a country so very divided. Segregated into camps isolated by geography, class, race, & education. 9. That division will get more pronounced as we start getting different "facts & news" It is moving towards having two separate realities. 10. When you have two realities, compromise becomes impossible. Because when you cannot agree on facts, little else can follow. 11. I mention this too much. But it reminds me of Venezuela & Chavez. A country with massive inequality, two realities, that then fell apart. 12. So add Facebook to the reasons I believe the US is drifting towards behaving like a 3rd world country."

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