Tuesday, December 13, 2016

1911 holiday postcard sent to Hortonville, Wisconsin

This simple, peaceful postcard was postmarked on January 2, 1911, in Grand Rapids, Wisconsin.1 It was addressed, somewhat sloppily, to what looks like "Gertrout Meshke" of Hortonville, Wisconsin.2 There have been some people named Gertrout, but I'm guessing it's more likely this was a misspelling of Gertrude or Gertraud.

The short note, written somewhat like a haiku, states:

how are you
folks all
we are all
good by
in care of the
Hotell Dixon

Here is an old postcard showing the Dixon Hotel in Wisconsin Rapids.

1. On that same date, according to Wikipedia, Ray R. Myers, "the world famous armless musician", was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Now I totally have to look that guy up.
2. Not to be confused with Hortonhearsawhoville.

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