Wednesday, December 7, 2016

1962 receipt from Dynasty Salon in Hong Kong

This 54-year-old receipt — dated April 17, 1962 — is from the Dynasty Salon in Hong Kong.1 It's from the second month of my great-grandmother Greta's trip around the world. She purchased some kind of goods or service (hair styling?), for which she paid a deposit of $25.95 and 15 cents stamp duty.2 She paid by traveler's cheque.

Dynasty Salon was located at 103-105 Peninsula Hotel Kowloon in Hong Kong. I found some history about that place on the Vintage Fashion Guild website:
"The Dynasty Salon was located in the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.

"The Dynasty label was established in 1953, when designer Dora Sanders started manufacturing clothing sized and styled for Americans who were traveling in Asia.

"By 1959 Dynasty clothing was sold by 600 stores in the US and was the leading fashion exporter in Asia. Sanders cleverly let important US department stores like Neiman Marcus, I. Magnin, and Lord & Taylor have exclusive rights to new styles for six months before the designs were sold directly to customers in Hong Kong.

"In 1964, Dynasty hired a new designer, Urleene Chaplain, and she started to use materials other than the fine Asian silks the company had used exclusively up to that point. Italian couturier Patrick de Barentzen joined the Dynasty design team in 1966. During that year the company opened its first retail store in London."
So, I'm now guessing that it was a piece of clothing and/or accessories that my great-grandmother purchased on this date. shows examples of some of the clothing that was sold there.

1. Also on April 17, 1962: The United States and South Vietnam jointly launched the doomed-to-failure Strategic Hamlet Program and the Cleveland Indians beat the visiting Boston Red Sox, 5-0, behind a complete-game shutout by Dick Donovan and a 4-for-4 day at the play by Willie "Boom Boom" Kirkland.
2. Something that cost $25.95 in 1962 would cost about $205 today, according to The Inflation Calculator.

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