Monday, July 24, 2017

My grandmother on the Wilmington Friends School basketball team

I've already had posts about my great-grandmother's basketball and softball teams. So, branching out into other areas of my family's athletics history, here's the 1936-37 team photo for the Wilmington Friends School girls basketball squad that my grandmother, Helen Chandler Adams (later Helen Chandler Adams Ingham), was a member of. She's the fourth person from the left in the back row.

She would have been about 17½ when this photograph was taken by Sanborn Studio of Wilmington, Delaware.

My grandmother also enjoyed swimming and diving. For decades, we had a laminated newspaper clipping on the wall of the family den at 505 Oak Crest Lane. The undated caption reads: "TIME OUT FOR AIR — High divers and graceful ones are Alma Pickett (left), Marie Chavelier and Helen Adams, who are regulars at the Torrence av. pool in Calumet City. The pool is a big attraction at the Cook County forest preserve."

On deck for our family's athletic history: Mom's 1964 junior varsity field hockey team at Linden Hall.

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