Sunday, September 17, 2017

Maime says: "Look for me at church"

This AZO real photo postcard dates to sometime between 1904 and 1918.

There's little specific information to identify the young woman who is pictured. But we do have a short inscription on the back. I believe it states the following:

Look for me at
church on Sat eve
on the 10' of 7 car
Ever a friend

I might be off on a word or two, though, so you can take your own look at the inscription:

Maime isn't all that common of a name any more. According to the website Think Baby Names: "Maime as a name for girls has the meaning 'star of the sea; pearl'. Maime is an alternate spelling of Mamie (Greek, Latin): contraction of Margaret (Greek) 'pearl'. ... Adoption of these forms of Maime was at its apex 135 years ago."

For fun, I typed Maime into Facebook to see if there are any folks today using that name. One of my first results, I kid you not, was a ghost from York, Pennsylvania. I'm not quite sure what to make of that.

Might as well click "Add Friend" and see what happens!

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