Sunday, November 5, 2017

Just another Saturday at the office

I could do an entire spinoff ephemera blog on all the stuff I've kept, most of it now in envelopes, from my three decades in journalism, dating back to high school in the late 1980s. It would be heavily tilted toward the first two decades of my career, though, because I've made a conscious decision in recent years to stop being so much of a packrat, when it comes to my professional life.

These days, I treat work ephemera as if it's ephemeral, and 99.9% of it goes straight into the recycling bin next to my desk at LNP. Bad for future historians who want to do a thesis on newspapers of the 2010s. But very good for me.

Before it heads into the recycling bin, though, I'm sharing my checklist from yesterday's ridiculously busy Saturday here in the sports department. We had six high school teams win district sports championships, the state cross country championships and, of course, that seven-hour Penn State football game, thanks to the lengthy weather delay in East Lansing, Michigan.

As I do for every night production shift that I work, I made the checklist to serve as my personal air-traffic control and help me keep track of all the moving pieces while on deadline. Keeps me organized and keeps my OCD side from staging a mutiny.

Thanks to the great work of more than a dozen folks here in the newsroom and at sports venues all across southcentral Pennsylvania (and in East Lansing, Michigan), we successfully made our press deadline and got this sports section — just one part of a thick Sunday newspaper — out to Lancaster County readers.

Now it's time to make the Sunday checklist...

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