Wednesday, May 30, 2018

1957 family postcard from Greta to her grandaughter, Mary

The Curious Traveler's Palm of Florida

Here's a linen postcard from the family archives. It was mailed in March 1957 from my great-grandmother, Greta, to my mother, Mary. It traveled 1,000 miles (as the crow flies) from Miami, Florida, to the house on Oak Crest Lane in Wallingford, Pennsylvania.

It has a red, two-cent Jefferson stamp and a PRAY FOR PEACE cancellation.

Deciphering my great-grandmother's scraggly cursive handwriting reveals the following message:
Wrote Charles last night. Will not write you a letter until you write to me. Wish Grandaddy would write me, also. Love it here, too. [?] had a palm like this once. They are hard to grow — hold water in a cup for travellers to drink — reason for its name. I love to hear the birds sing & peep. Love, Grandmother.

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